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[ARM] Fedora15 HardFP Bootstrap Virtual FAD - 2011/06/22

We wish to accelerate the bringup of Fedora 15 on ARMv7 systems running with hardware floating point (hardfp). To that end, we are running regular bootstrap days, during which we will meet in a virtual capacity (on IRC, and over the phone) to build up through cross-compilation (and other means) the core packages required for Fedora 15 to become self-hosting on ARMv7 with hardware floating point.

When and Where

14:00 UTC, Wednesday June 22nd 2011

IRC: #fedora-arm on

Phone: Access code: 1236987415

Toll Free Dial-In Number (US & Canada): (800) 451-8679

Etherpad: (including full list of international dialin numbers)

Event owners





  • Internet connection to log into IRC, and phone if possible (phone not essential)
  • A supported ARMv7 target board
  • Lots of coffee


  • A pre-requisite is a working ARMv7-compatible supported target board, such as a BeagleBoard or a PandaBoard.
    • You can find out more from the main Fedora ARM pages about obtaining a pre-built rootfs (no installer yet)
    • We now have some Fedora ARM kernel packages for OMAP-based boards