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Revision as of 12:50, 24 July 2012 by Pbrobinson (talk | contribs) (broken upstream and hence on arm)

ARM F-17 Runtime Problems

Problem Package arm-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Workaround Engineer
yum Unable to talk to any repo Set clock with ntpdate or use http instead of https repos
systemd OOM on boot Boot with audit=0 on kernel command line
grubby Doesn't make or install uboot kernel images Create a boot.scr and edit /etc/sysconfig/uboot to define UBOOT_DIR
 ? FIXED root filesystem is mounted read-only the LABEL for the partition of the rootfs should be called "rootfs" without quotes (e2label /dev/mmcblock0p2 rootfs)
rsyslogd WORKAROUND /var/log/messages does not contain anything correct the rsyslog.service unit, comment out ExecStartPre
mono crashes when running on armv5tel hosts

ARM on F-17 & Rawhide Build Problems

broken upstream and hence on arm

Problem Package arm-koji PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer

broken on arm core build requirements

Problem Package arm-koji PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer
audit Generally broken on ARM jonmasters
gdb ARM gdb gcc PR-51915 NEEDS VERIFICATION gcc-4.7.0-0.9 is building and should fix
boost boost RHBZ# 783660 NEEDS VERIFICATION 1.48.0-9 built pbrobinson

broken on arm general packages

Problem Package Dependants PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer
ruby ruby RHBZ# 789410 WORKAROUND tests broken tests disabled to allow forward movement mlangsdorf
ruby ruby RHBZ# 789410 WORKAROUND pack("p") broken - each time returns different results for the same input jcapik
llvm llvm RHBZ# 770208 FIXED 3.0-6 builds with tests recorded but not failing buids
mono mono RHBZ# 786786 WORKAROUND problems with hardfp upstream
mysql mysql RHBZ# 773116 FIXED Some tests disabled, should likely be reviewed later d.marlin
postgresql postgresql RHBZ# 795460 FIXED Looks like fix included in 9.1.3 mlangsdorf
pki-core pki*
ClanLib06 auriferous clanbomber
coq flocq gappalib-coq frama-c
hfsplus-tools problems with hardfp, linking fails (missing crtbegin.o) jcapik
fpc freetennis tuxcmd lazarus
gcc-gnat plplot (psfex, techne), PragmaARC, florist, xmlada, fedora-gnat-project-common, GtkAda, aunit, matreshka, zeromq, gnatcoll, gprbuild, matreshka, zeromq-ada
leksah leksah-server

broken on arm atomics issues

Problem Package Dependent packages PA-koji RHBZ Upstream BZ Status Comments Engineer
ceph ceph-0.41 ceph-0.44 RHBZ# 799153 libatomic_ops #3 FIXED proposed fix available ndevos
mongodb condor, iwhd, perl-MongoDB
openmpi netcdf*, espresso, gdl, gdal (qlandkartegt), gromacs, ScientificPython, towhee, pypar, orsa, R-RScaLAPACK, nco
jemalloc varnish redis FIXED(?) UPDATE REQUIRED


directfb xine* gxine FIXED Patch committed, update submitted