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Members of the Fedora ARM project will be attending the 2012 FUDCon event in Blacksburg, VA (Virgina Tech). We will have sessions on Friday (internal project planning), Saturday (community involvement, getting to know the Fedora ARM project), and Sunday (internal project wrapup), with some informal events besides. Please see below for further details:


Audience: Mostly targeted at existing members of the Fedora ARM project. But come anyway! If you're just looking for some more information about Fedora on ARM, you might benefit more from the "introduction to Fedora ARM" workshop on Saturday.

An all-day session intended to address the following high-level topics:

  • Introductions - many of us have not yet met in person
  • Fedora ARM Build System
    • Update on current system status and outages - where do we stand operationally today?
    • Planning for the short term to get to rawhide - does the current infrastructure hold up ok? SSDs/NFS/power cyclers, etc.
    • Planning for the medium term to get to Fedora 17/18 (primary arch?) - first server hardware staged in Seneca, etc.
    • Planning for the longer term to get to Primary Architecture - planning for migration to Phoenix build system, etc.
  • Rawhide
    • Peter and others to discuss current status of Rawhide/F17 and next steps
  • Primary Architecture
    • Steps in PA proposal/process. Blockers?
  • ARM Servers
    • Working with Calxeda and others on ARM server support in Fedora
  • 2012 Goals
    • Strategic goals - how do we judge if we are being successful?

We hope to convene for some dinner or drinks in the evening. Venue and details to be figured out.