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Running Fedora on a Pandaboard

This page will give you detailed instructions for running Fedora 17 GA on your Pandaboard. There are two images to choose from on the Pandaboard - with the XFCE desktop, the other providing a serial console (text based).

Download the image

The first step is to download the Fedora 17 image. The prebuilt images include kernels and can be written directly to SD Card, USB, or SATA drive and booted without any additional steps or configuration. The serial console image requires a minimum of 2GB and the XFCE desktop requires a minimum of 4 GB.

Writing the Image

In Linux

You can write the image to media of your choosing but it does have to meet the minimum size requirements noted above (2GB for the serial image, 4GB for the XFCE Desktop). Connect the media to your computer and make note of the drive. To write the image to your media run the following command, changing the drive to the location of your media.

For the Serial Image:

xzcat Fedora-17-armhfp-panda-mmcblk0.img.xz > /dev/<location-of-your-media>

For the XFCE Desktop:

xzcat Fedora-17-armhfp-panda-xfce-mmcblk0.img.xz > /dev/<location-of-your-media>

Once completed run the below command to ensure the entire image is written to the card:


Using Fedora on the Pandaboard