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AutoQA is the automated test system used in Fedora. Watchers (scheduled through cron ) look for Events ( eg - new package built in Koji, new repo has finished, creation of new installable images, updates in bodhi ). Once an event occurs it triggers automated tests.

Current Events monitored

  • git-post-receive
  • post-bodhi-update-batch
  • post-bodhi-update
  • post-koji-build-batch
  • post-koji-build
  • post-repo-update
  • post-tree-compose

Current Tests

  • conflicts - checks for package conflicts
  • depcheck -
  • rats_install
  • rats_sanity
  • repoclosure
  • rpmguard
  • rpmlint
  • upgradepath

ARM specific tests

Some tests will need to be written specifically for ARM including:

  • Image validation

Hardware Access & Repair

Work in progress

  • Integration with Bodhi