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Detail of some of the systems in the Fedora ARM build farm.

Koji Details

The current Fedora-ARM Koji system is located at Seneca College. See the Seneca wiki for details.



  • Currently supported: armv5tel (generally runs without problem on higher architectures) - this is ARMv5TE, little endian, soft float, GNU-EABI
  • Next goal: add support for armv7hl (hardfp+vfp)

Targeted devices

We target on a selected subset of the available ARM-based SoCs and devices. See the list below that includes also people responsible (or interested in) the targets.

SoC devices bootloader people kernel/modules URL notes
Marvell Kirkwood *plug, QNAP NAS u-boot Dan Horák, Niels de Vos, Jon Masters universal kernel + initramfs for Kirkwood based devices
Freescale i.MX 5 Genesi Efika MX Smarttop, Smartbook u-boot Dan Horák, Jon Masters
Marvell Armada 610 OLPC XO 1.75 openfirmware
TI OMAP Beagleboard/Pandaboard u-boot Niels de Vos, Rich Mattes, Jon Masters omap2plus_defconfig as base for beagleboard

Also see hardware used by users of Fedora ARM.


  • Use koji-shadow to follow the package builds performed on the primary archs.
  • Catch up with F13 and follow builds from that point on.


Tracker Bugs

If excluding ARM architectures you need to make the bug block F-ExcludeArch-ARM

to see whats currently blocking visit Bugzilla

If a bug is specific to ARM architectures make the bug blocking ARMTracker

to see not yet resolved issues visit Bugzilla

ARM on FedoraHosted

Several resources are available on the ARM FedoraHosted trac instance: