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Fedora ARM User Hardware

Please add brief details of what device(s) you are using.

Device SoC Bootloader People Kernel Version Display Attached? Hardware Notes Primary Usage
IGEPv2 OMAP3530 u-boot Matthew Wilson linux-omap Yes 1.8" USB HDD (primary storage) Mini-server; video playing; hobby development
BeagleBoard Rev B5 OMAP3530 u-boot Niels de Vos 2.6.38 vanilla No 16GB SD, Network over USB-OTG hobby development
BeagleBoard-xM Rev A DM3730 u-boot Rich Mattes 2.6.38 linux-omap Yes (1280x1024 LCD) 500GB USB HDD (Primary Storage), USB Wireless N (ar9170) Robotics, Data acquisition, Hobby development