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= 如何安装 =
The easiest way to get started is to download a [ prebuilt root filesystem]  built from F12 packages that includes yum. This is suitable to chroot into, and then installing additional packages as needed using yum. You will also need a suitable kernel for your device. Below is a list of guides for installing Fedora on specific ARM hardware or through emulation.
= 如何安装? =
* [[Architectures/ARM/HowToQemu|  Using Fedora ARM with Qemu]]  
* [[Architectures/ARM/HowToQemu|  Using Fedora ARM with Qemu]]  
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== 我可以从哪里获得帮助? ==
== 获取帮助? ==
If you have additional questions, would like to become involved or share your experiences using Fedora on ARM you can drop by #fedora-arm on IRC Freenode. Or join the Fedora ARM mailing list:
* Mailing list: [] ([ archives])
== Fedora ARM 资源库 ==
The work to date is available from: [].
=== 最新发行版: Fedora 12 ===
The following is available for F12:
* A [ set of patches]  necessary to make Fedora packages build for ARM.
* A set of binary RPMs from the [ base F12 repository], but no updates repository. Source RPMS are currently unavailable.
* A [ prebuilt root filesystem]  to help you get started quickly. (Default root password is "fedoraarm")
=== 旧的 Fedora 发行版 ===
参考 [[Architectures/ARM/OlderReleases|这个页面]].
=== 其他 ===
* IRC: {{fpchat|#fedora-arm}}
* 邮件列表: {{fplist|arm}}([ 存档])
* 一个 ARM [[Architectures/ARM/CrossToolchain|交叉编译工具链]], built from Fedora sources.
* [[Architectures/ARM/RfsBuild|Rfsbuild]] ,一个用来构建ARM根文件系统的实用工具。
* 构建[ prebuilt root filesystems]的脚本。

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