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Summarized information about issues on Secondary Archs in Fedora for Developers

In order to make it easier for anyone who seeks information about differences on architectures other than Intel, how to address issues that often happen either on all of them or on specific ones or to find a summarized contact information of who you can poke or go to if you have questions when you're working on a specific architecture we've created this page.


First up, if you've reached this page you're probably having either

  • Problems building a package for a specific architecture
  • Are looking for information about a specific architecture because you develop something on it
  • Are just curious about the nitty gritty details of the differences and specialities of other architectures

If you are in a) then the first part of this document should give you a good hint of what to do.

If you are in b) then the second part of this document should give you some useful information.

If you are in c) then the second and third part of this document should be interesting for you.