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Fedora MIPS 2015 Bootstrap

This page contains the information about the bootstrap of Fedora 22 for MIPS architecture started in March 2015.

Parts of information about the former Fedora 11/12/13 MIPS bootstrap can be found on these (likely outdated) pages:



Architectures & ABIs

MIPS has 3 major ABIs (32-bit o32, 64-bit n64 and hybrid n32 - 32-bit pointers and 64-bit data) each available as both little and big endian. At this moment the interest has only been shown for mipsel and mips64el, but others might come in the future.


Details: Architectures/MIPS/2015Bootstrap/mips64el

Status: stage5

Architecture: mips64r2, little endian, n64 ABI

Started: March 2015



Details: Architectures/MIPS/2015Bootstrap/mipsel

Status: stage5

Architecture: mips32r2, little endian, o32 ABI, FPXX

Started: May 2015



Status: some interest shown, no build hardware

Architecture: mips32r2, big endian, o32 ABI


Status: some interest shown, no build hardware

Architecture: mips64r2, big endian, n64 ABI


Status: no interest shown so far

Architecture: mips64r2, big endian, n32 ABI


Status: no interest shown so far; died with the old Fedora 11/12/13 MIPS (even though it was called mips64el, it was using n32 ABI)

Architecture: mips64r2, little endian, n32 ABI