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Getting Started with Fedora for Power::
Check out our current development efforts and join the Fedora for Power team on IRC in #fedora-ppc[?] on

PowerPC/POWER Special Interest Group



  • We don't schedule any IRC meetings, although starting at the Alpha phase of any release we'll try to find some time each day to discuss open issues on our #fedora-ppc[?] channel on IRC .
  • The last 'real' meeting of the Fedora-PPC team took place at the FUDcon 2013 in Lawrence, Kansas.

Current Development

Architectures/PowerPC/CurrentDevelopment tracks our current development efforts.

Also see the dashboard for constantly updated stats on when the most recent pushes were, number of unsigned packages, etc.

Stable Release

Fedora 19 is the latest stable release of Fedora for Power. It was announced on July 3rd, 2013. Please see the release announcement for additional details or download it from your closest mirror.

Supported Architectures

Only 64bit machines (Power5 or newer) are supported, but we still provide 32bit packages. The last Fedora release with 32bit boot images was Fedora 17. Although it might be possible to install a 32bit F17 release and then update with the latest packages, this is not supported by the Fedora PPC developers anymore. Interested developers might also be able to create their own 32bit boot images for the latest Fedora release with pungi but this is also not supported by the Fedora PPC developers.

Fedora 18 and newer also includes several optimized packages for Power7 machines. These will be installed automatically if a Power7 processor is detected.

Previous Releases

You can find information about previous Fedora for Power releases at Architectures/PowerPC/PreviousReleases.

Build System & Resources


All official Fedora PowerPC packages are built by the koji build system at the PowerPC koji hub

Everyone with a Fedora account can do scratch builds of packages on the PowerPC koji build system. After running fedora-packager-setup from the fedora-packager rpm

ppc-koji build --scratch f17 yourpkg.src.rpm

Scratch builds can be found here, and will be removed from koji automatically after a while.

For a build to end up in the final Fedora for Power distribution, that NVR must have been built on the primary Fedora koji and then pushed as an update for that release. koji-shadow is used by Fedora for Power to track both the stable (e.g. 'f18' during f18 branched development and 'f18-updates' after GA) and updates-testing tags of each release, as well as the current rawhide tag. Please feel free to find dwa or Kick_ on the #fedora-ppc IRC channel if you have questions about the koji-shadow process.

PPC Shell access for debugging

David Woodhouse (dwmw2), Josh Boyer (jwb) or Karsten Hopp (Kick_) may provide you access to a PPC box for build debugging purposes. Just send them an e-mail with an request and a public SSH key.