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Fedora 20

Current Status
Fedora 20 has branched from rawhide and we are approaching alpha

Fedora 20 for Power is currently in development. We will be attempting to follow primary's Fedora 20 schedule as closely as possible.

With Fedora 20 we will be completing the deprecation of yaboot and replacing it with GRUB2 to boot the install media. Please see bug #998030 for details.

Blocker Bugs

Fedora 19

Fedora 19 Current Status
Fedora 19 for Power was released on July 3rd, 2013. Please see the release announcement

Blocker Bugs

Milestone Checklists

Fedora 18

Fedora 18 Current Status
RC5 has been blessed as the GA and has been released to the mirrors. It was announced on Tuesday, January 21st 2013. The below information is for historical purposes until F19 branches from Rawhide.

Milestone Checklists

Areas of Focus

Tracking Bugs

Fedora rebuild efforts

There are currently efforts ongoing to recompile all packages and prepare a F-19 release.

This is the current status of the package rebuild: