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Members of the Fedora on PowerPC project will be attending the 2013 FUDCon event in Lawrence, KS. Currently there aren't any real sessions planned, it'll be more like a discussion. This page is intended to gather topics we'd like to cover during the FUDCo. Please see below for further details.


Everyone who is interested in PowerPC hardware, i.e. IBM PowerPC hardware. Even though the Fedora on PPC project focuses on IBM hardware, we'd like to also invite people with Apple PPC hardware to join us to discuss how they can help us with the project. If we don't get some developers who are willing to provide patches soon, we might have to drop support for these older hardware due to lack of manpower to maintain it.


We're online most of the time in #fedora-ppc on Freenode IRC, just post your question there and wait for someone to answer.


Friday Saturday Sunday Unscheduled
F18 retrospective Releng meeting? Bug review EPEL discussion
F19 supported hardware Secondary Arch process Releng meeting? Collaborative Articles
grub2 on media Arch:PPC page rewrite Test Templates
SDK tutorial More optimization opportunities?
Infra review Write F18 release notes


  • Introductions, not everyone from the PPC team has been at the last meeting in Blacksburg
  • Retrospective F18, what do we need to improve for F19
    • more communication, i.e. more communication on the fedora-ppc mailinglist
    • more communication with the other secondary arch maintainers about common problems, tools, processes, involvement etc.
  • Supported archs/hardware for F19
  • grub2 as bootloader on install media (DVD)
  • Discuss use of test templates as used on primary:
  • Ideas on how to improve the visibility of the whole process (koji-shadow logs, signing progress, updates, etc.)
  • Infrstructure review
  • Continued optimization opportunities
  • SDK tutorial/demo - discussion on applicability for Fedora
  • Collaberative articles (brainstorm session)
  • Project page rewrite/re-do/redesign
  • EPEL discussion
  • should we install 32bit packages at all or shall we copy x86_64 and leave 32bit for the user to install manually after the system install ?
  • Releng discussion w/ primary (process & schedule, checklist items)
  • Bug review