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Work Queue

This is the central point where work on build failures is organized, you can find here a list of failed builds, list of actual tasks and who works on them.

Failed builds


package problem who bugzilla notes resolved in build
coreutils/findutils/gettext/augeas/... hanging test-lock from gnulib test-suite N/A isolated test case at
dyninst FTBFS on ppc64le sharkcz 1113991 dyninst-8.1.2-10.fc21
systemd missing ppc64le support in ver >= 215 N/A
gperftools missing ppc64le support sharkcz update 2.2.1 gperftools-2.2.1-1.fc21
ceph OOM due too many CPUs and too few memory sharkcz run build on builder with only 4 or 6 CPUs online - added RFE for redhat-rpm-config
dbus-python test failing - maybe libffi related, try with newer python. hamzy: Successfully built with libffi-3.1-2.fc21.ppc64le, python-2.7.7-2.fc21.ppc64le Maybe buildroot related? jcajka: cross-test segfaults on ppc64 using python2, python3 tests passes, seems to be caused by libffi
libdb FTBFS with openjdk8 - jcajka 1119258 fails on all archs libdb-5.3.28-7.fc21
python3-cairo failing tests - jcajka probably the same problem was with pycairo python3-cairo-1.10.0-10.fc21
atlas missing ppc64le support michel_mno 1080073 still pending discussion upstream
erlang-rebar erlang-getopt erlang-erlydtl erlang-neotoma missing bootstrap michel_mno 1122088 I am not authorised to commit erlang-rebar
python FTBFS in primary - - the maintainer is looking on it => root cause are changes in glibc and openssl glibc 1119769 we need a new build because python-2.7.7-2.fc21 uses the old libffi ABI on LE
strace "failed to trace fstatat/fstatat64 properly" - sharkcz 1122323
cxxtools failing test "xmlserializer::testDouble: EXCEPTION" menantea 1108800 patch proposed