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Last build B13


    0 BUILD OK (current build succeed)
    0 NO SOURCE (current build failed due to no source found)
 1898 ALREADY AVAILABLE (package already available, done by a previous build)
   35 ALREADY ERROR (package already in error, not rebuilt)
  169 CURRENT DEPEND (current build failed due to dependencies)
    0 CURRENT ERROR (current build failed due to error)
 1725 NOARCH (noarch package (no need to build))
   33 BAD VERSION (current build failed due to bad version on dependencies)
    0 ARCH NOT FOUND (current build failed due to architecture not supported)
  172 EXCLUDE (package not buildable on ppc64le)
 4036 Packages processed by the build

Tracker bugs

Tracker for enabling ppc64le in EPEL 7 is 1197165


Package Problem Who Bugzilla Notes Resolved in build
aespipe aespipe FTBFS failed on arch ppc64le. 1142306
icewm Configure error in icewm-1.3.8-5 source. 1197148
redhat-rpm-config ppc64le not supported with redhat-rpm-config-9.1.0 source. 1193178
alex ppc64le not supported with alex-3.0.5-36 source. 1198695
wxGTK wxGTK-2.8.12-11 source needed for ppc64le support. 1198699
cfitsio ppc64le not supported with cfitsio-3.360-1 source. 1198703
cross-binutils ppc64le not supported with cross-binutils- source. 1198704
DivFix++ ppc64le not supported with DivFix++-0.34-15 source. 1198705
gearmand ppc64le not supported with gearmand-1.1.12-2 source. 1198706
hdf5 ppc64le not supported with hdf5-1.8.12-4 source. 1198709
libunwind ppc64le not supported with libunwind-1.1-3 source. 1198711
linux_logo ppc64le not supported with linux_logo-5.11-8.fc21 source. Which component should be used in Bugzilla ?
openbabel ppc64le not supported with openbabel-2.3.2-2 source. 1198707
udunits2 ppc64le not supported with udunits2-2.1.24-4 source. 1198710
userspace-rcu ppc64le not supported with userspace-rcu-0.7.9-1 source. 1198712
webkitgtk ppc64le not supported with webkitgtk-2.2.4-1 source. 1198713
wxPython ppc64le not supported with wxPython- source. 1198715
xalan-c ppc64le not supported with xalan-c-1.11.0-2 source. 1198717
ghc-* ppc64le not supported with ghc-7.6.3-18.3 and associated ghc-* sources. 1200404
qtwebkit ppc64le not supported with qtwebkit-2.3.3-3 source. 1201180
ocaml ocaml not found in RHEL-LE-7.1-GA/Server-optional/ppc64le. 1201721
cinnamon cinnamon-xxx packages need source update for ppc64le 1201801
podofo podofo package needs source update for ppc64le 1202796
testng testng not found in epel7 1202835 dependency of protobuf

Detailed plans

  • To do...

Various notes

Host test machine is a ppc64le VM based on RHEL-LE-7.1-20150219.1-Server-ppc64le-dvd1.iso

automake-1.13.4-3 is part of the RHEL-LE-7.1-20150219.1-Server-ppc64le-dvd1.iso but some packages needs automake-1.14 like:

libidn2-0.10-1, oath-toolkit-2.4.1-8

and some packages are dependent of the two above;

jwhois, kde-plasma-networkmanagement-extras, NetworkManager-openconnect, openconnect