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RISC-V (pronounced "RISC Five") is an open source instruction set architecture (ISA). This project, informally called Fedora/RISC-V, aims to get Fedora bootstrapped on the RISC-V (64 bit) architecture.




Last updated: 2016-09-20

Status: The stage3 disk image used for bootstrapping now boots to a shell, with GCC, numerous developer utilities, rpmbuild, Perl, Python 2, Python 3. rpmbuild can be used to build packages for stage4. Please read Architectures/RISC-V/Bootstrapping for further information.

An experimental stage4 disk image is available. It is missing GCC and rpmbuild (although RPM is present and works).

For the detailed information, see:


There is no specific mailing list. Use Fedora devel for now.

On FreeNode IRC: #fedora-riscv


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