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Fedora s390x

  • IRC: #fedora-s390x on
  • Mailing List: fedora-s390x
  • Regular IRC meetings: TBD


  • short term goals:
  • reach out to known interested parties in community
  • reaching out (through contacts) to IBM community (.de)
  • have several "interested parties" that will help once we are building packages/trees
  • set up externally/publically available koji instance
  • s390x koji instance
  • identified persistent storage (> 2 TB anticipated in first year alone)
  • temporary location (while we sort out long term permanent location)
  • start F-11 composes
  • identify the resources used for composes
  • get to the point where F-11 is bootable and installable with pungi images
  • this is blocking on the external dedicated environment issue (above)



FUDcon 2008 was an excellent event. During the conference, a session on secondary arches was presented and there was an excellent effort made to reach out to new arches.

After several months of bootstrapping as of June 2009 we've reached a state where we have most packages built from current Fedora rawhide CVS. There are still around ~500 failures, most of which are related to java and ocaml dependencies (ocaml is not available on s390x).

For those interested in trying it our you can now download a fully working and bootable hercules Fedora 11 s390x image:

You will find several files there:

    • Very brief howto get everything up and running
  • f11-s390x.img
    • Hercules Fedora 11 s390x DASD image
  • f11-s390x.tar.bz2
    • tarball of the whole tree. Can be unpacked on a real machine (confirmed it works!)
  • hercules.cnf
    • hercules emulator config file
  • hercules.init
    • Small script to start up hercules with some iptables rules for NAT (might require you to modify your personal rules in order to work properly)


Please make sure to build into the correct target, don't mix dist-f11 and dist-f11-updates

To test a build for your specific package for s390x do this:

After running fedora-packager-setup (from the fedora-packager rpm)

koji -c ~/.koji/s390-config build --scratch dist-f11 yourpkg.src.rpm


koji -s --weburl= \ --pkgurl= build --scratch --arch-override s390x dist-f11 yourpkg.src.rpm

To build a package which should end up in the F-11 tree, the package needs to be tagged in CVS and then be built from CVS:

cd <your CVS checkout directory>/<package-name>/F-11

koji build dist-f11 'cvs://<package-name>/F-11#<CVS-TAG>'


koji build dist-f11-updates-candidate 'cvs://'

It is much easier to build into the dist-f11-updates-candidate target from your F-11 CVS checkout:

SECONDARY_CONFIG=" -c ~/.koji/s390-config " make build

Tracker Bugs

If excluding s390/s390x architectures you need to make the bug block F-ExcludeArch-s390x

to see whats currently blocking visit Bugzilla

If a bug is specific to s390/s390x architectures make the bug blocking ZedoraTracker

to see not yet resolved issues visit Bugzilla

Packages under review

List of s390 specific packages currently under review in Fedora


Packages to be submitted: