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Fedora s390x

  • IRC: #fedora-s390x on
  • Mailing List: fedora-s390x
  • Regular IRC meetings: TBD


  • short term goals:
  • build all F-10 packages which then will be used to bootstrap F-11
  • add all required patches to F-11 CVS
  • reached out to known interested parties in community
  • reaching out (through contacts) to IBM community (.de)
  • have several "interested parties" that will help once we are building packages/trees
  • set up externally/publically available koji instance
  • first sample koji instance (non-functional atm.)
  • identified build guests within Red Hat (internal access only at first)
  • identified persistent storage (> 2 TB anticipated in first year alone)
  • temporary location (while we sort out long term permanent location)
  • start F-11 composes
  • identify the resources used for composes
  • get F-11 s390x bootable
  • this is blocking on the external dedicated environment issue (above)



FUDcon 2008 was an excellent event. During the conference, a session on secondary arches was presented and there was an excellent effort made to reach out to new arches.

Tracker Bug

If excluding s390/s390x architectures you need to make the bug block F-ExcludeArch-s390x

to see whats currently blocking visit Bugzilla