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Revision as of 08:19, 20 September 2011 by Sharkcz (talk | contribs) (issues found in F-16 Beta 20110919)

Global info

Image composes are run on F-15 with

  • pungi-2.9
  • lorax-16.4.2

issues found in F-16 Alpha 20110830

using anaconda-16.15-1.fc16.dh.1 + dracut-013-6.fc16

Installation status: FAIL (Bug 733680)

  • (resolved in dracut-013-8.fc16) when number of CPUs > 1 then "unknown filesystem in squashfs.img" error appears - probably 735199
  • (resolved in dracut-013-7.fc16) even with 1 CPU I got boots when the CMSCONFFILE wasn't read because CMSDASD device wasn't ready ("could not set device online" error message)
  • VNC install requires "vnc" in the parameters file
  • Bug 733680 - DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1
  • Bug 735026 - loader crashes when trying to install in vnc mode

issues found in F-16 Alpha 20110901

using anaconda-16.16-1.fc16.dh.1 + dracut-013-7.fc16 + systemd-35-1.fc16

Installation status: FAIL (Bug 733680)

issues found in F-16 Alpha 20110907

using anaconda-16.16-1.fc16.dh.1 + dracut-013-8.fc16 + systemd-35-1.fc16 + rawhide-20110831 tree

Installation status: FAIL (Bug 733680)

issues found in F-16 Beta 20110919

using anaconda-16.16-1.fc17.dh.1 (contains fix for Bug 733680) + actual rawhide tree (pre-beta)

Installation status: FAIL (Bug 739620)

  • "ksdevice=eth0" parameter is needed when "vnc" is specified in the parameters file
  • Bug 739620 - ValueError: No description available for dasd
  • Bug 739828 - filtering screen shows loop devices

general anaconda/lorax/pungi/... issues

  • the addrsize utility isn't built in anaconda any more and thus lorax fails after writing kernel.img and initrd.img => moved to lorax - patch
  • anaconda dropped the mk-s390-cdboot tool in version 16 => remove relevant code also from lorax - patch
  • pungi shouldn't include s390 compat packages in the installer image/repo - patch