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Release Notes

There are few known issues in the release of Fedora 16 for the s390x architecture

  • the "Shutdown" button at the end of the installation doesn't work - relates to bug 740858, see below for more details
  • a terminal isn't shown on the console when running in Hercules, if doing "Minimal" installation you need to login with ssh at the end of the installation, change into the newly installed system with "chroot /mnt/sysimage" and run "chkconfig network on" so the network will be up after reboot and login with ssh will be possible. It's not clear if this issue affects also LPAR installation on real hardware, but Hercules emulates something like LPAR mode.
  • there is a delay (few seconds) after the password is entered during login and before the shell prompt appears (bug 771579 fixed in systemd-37-8.fc16)
  • /etc/zipl.conf needs 2 new variables set to behave the same as in F <= 15 and in RHEL <= 6, we switched from Fedora specific patch to using new functionality provided by zipl directly. Those variables are defaultauto and prompt=1 and they must be written in the [defaultboot] section (bug 783424)

Developer information

Global info

Image composes are run on F-15 with

  • pungi-2.10
  • lorax-17.16

issues found in F-17 Alpha 20120402

using anaconda-17.16-1.fc17.dh.2

Installation status: UNKNOWN ()

general anaconda/lorax/pungi/... issues

  • pungi shouldn't include s390 compat packages in the installer image/repo - patch