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Release Notes

  • the Haskell compiler ghc and its companion packages are now provided also on s390x, thanks to Jens Petersen for the bootstrapping
  • Eclipse is now built for s390x, thanks to Krzysztof Daniel and the rest of Eclipse team
  • ...

Developer information

Global info

Image composes are run on F-15 with

  • pungi-2.10
  • lorax-17.16

issues found in F-17 Alpha 20120402

using anaconda-17.16-1.fc17.dh.2

Installation status: FAIL

  • vnc doesn't start - traceback from anaconda - bug 809109
  • broken dep - plymouth-0.8.4-0.20110822.3.fc17.s390x requires

issues found in F-17 Alpha 20120430

refreshed with anaconda-17.20-1.fc17 and dracut-018-1.fc17

Installation status: UNKNOWN

issues found in F-17 20120525

Bug 825256 - /etc/modprobe.d/dasd_mod.conf not populated correctly for DASD devices with addidional parameters

Installation status: FAIL

general anaconda/lorax/pungi/... issues