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Release Notes

  • the VNC server is started automatically with the vnc option in the parameters file, so you don;t need to use SSH connection first, just wait a bit and start your VNC client
  • the option for installing with X forwarded over SSH was removed

Developer information

Global info

Image composes are run on F-18 with

  • pungi-2.11-3.fc18.dh.1
  • lorax-18.14-1.fc18
  • lorax-18.17-1.fc18 (>= 20120903)
  • lorax-18.19-1.fc18 (>= 20120916)

The test composes are available from [1]

issues found in F-18 Alpha 20120823

using anaconda-18.6.1-1.fc18

Installation status: FAIL

  • network not set up, install.img can't be downloaded

issues found in F-18 Alpha 20120903

using anaconda-18.6.5-1.fc18

Installation status: unknown

  • none yet

issues found in F-18 Alpha 20120917

using anaconda-18.11-1.fc18

sample parameters file

ro ramdisk_size=40000 cio_ignore=all,!0.0.0009 vnc
rd.dasd=0.0.0200 rd.dasd=0.0.0201 rd.dasd=0.0.0202 rd.dasd=0.0.0203

Installation status: OK

  • bug 857940 - AttributeError: 'ZIPL' object has no attribute 'storage' - we have a fix that works, waiting for upstream acceptance, the network configuration and root login issues depend on successful run of anaconda
  • bug 860244 - wrong reIPL device is set

Boot status: OK

issues found in F-18 pre-Beta 20121010

using anaconda-18.17-1.fc18 and lorax-18.21

Installation status: FAIL

Boot status: N/A

issues found in F-18 pre-Beta 20121022

using anaconda-18.19-1.fc18 and lorax-18.21 (+ patch to include Perl in the image - bug 868824)

Installation status: OK

Boot status: OK

  • delay during login - bug 868839

general anaconda/lorax/pungi/... issues

  • pungi