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Design Service

Are you the administrator of a Fedora web app but need some icons or a nice template to spruce it up? Think you need to improve the usability of your application but you're not sure how? Do you want to run a marketing campaign on the Fedora wiki but need some graphical banners?

Basically, if you need any computer graphics relating to Fedora, or need some design help making your application usable, drop a request here!

How to use the service

For users

Add a new entry in the ""Request list"" below, specify the type of graphic you need and any details (e.g., date/time/place for an event poster, URL for a usability review, etc.), and contact info (email and irc are good) so an artist/designer can get in contact with you if there's any information they need to create the design. Please add changes to the top of the list of "Request List"

Watch the page to see when is taken/completed. If it doesn't seem like anyone is picking it up, forward your request to

For Fedora Art contributors

When you start working on a new design change the status to reflect is taken. When ready, change the status to 'closed'. If any artwork or design you come up with might be generally useful for others, post it here so we can save it as a resource.

Request List

Formatting key

  • Wiki Username
  • Request
  • Details
  • Date Requested (added 3.18.08, to help show older requests.)
  • Designer who claims it
  • Status


  • StephenSmoogen
  • EPEL
  • Wiki Banner, Logo, and default icon for the "Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux" group.
  • Open ideas are welcome, but one that was brought up was a Tugboat pulling a barge of 'Packages'. We have been told that ideas that would not fly would be a Hat looking like the USS Enterprise :). Thanks.
  • Date Requested 2008-03-01?
  • Designer who claims it
  • Status


Artwork DesignService AmateurRadio1.png File:Artwork DesignService AmateurRadio1.svgz SVGz source]



  • InfrastructureTeam
  • and templates
  • Details: these pages use the old (circa FC1) fedora site template. we need something to match the template.
  • MairinDuffy
  • not yet started

Error pages

  • InfrastructureTeam
  • page
  • Create all other set of error pages (as the 404 already designed) to keep the same standard/template throughout all the HTTP errors
  • Anand Capur
  • unknown

smolt Banner

  • InfrastructureTeam
  • Smolt banner
  • Now that Fedora7 was released, smolt should have a new banner
  • Not Claimed
  • Nicu, these look great. Mike got some criticism for having the Fedora logo featured so prominently though. :( So here's a version without it... Artwork DesignService smolt no fedora logo.png File:Artwork DesignService smolt no fedora logo.svg | SVG source] ||



  • DimitrisGlezos
  • transifex logo
  • Transifex needs a logo. From its page: "Transifex is a web-system that facilitates the process of submitting translations in various version control systems (VCS). The name literally means "translation-builder" (from the latin verb facere)." Will go live in the beginning of August.
  • Not claimed.
  • unknown

  • PauloSantos
  • Fedora Hosted logo
  • needs a logo, to be used as default for all projects that currently don't have one. This will substitute the default trac logo
  • JackKenlon
  • Proposed logo - Artwork DesignService fedorahosted v1.png

Resources Created

Logo, banner and icon created by NicuBuculei SIGs Astronomy astronomy4.png

Koji icon

Artwork DesignService koji-icon-48.png Final design. The icon is based on the tan rice with koji-kin. - LuyaTshimbalanga

Smolt Icon

Artwork DesignService smolt-icon-sketches.png <= some icon sketches

Spinner Graphic

Spinner graphic for an AJAX web app to let the user know they need to wait a sec. by MairinDuffy

Artwork DesignService spinner-graphic.gif

File:Artwork DesignService spinner-graphic.tar.gz tar.gz of transparent PNG frames]

Another spinner created by DianaFong.

Artwork DesignService fedora-spinner.gif