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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference
Please refer to [1]

Based from Matthias Clasen's post , here is the to-do list:

Items Applications Status Assignees Comments
Applications>Programming gnome-devel Done MartinSourada (applications-development)
Applications>System preferences-system Done MartinSourada (applications-system)
Applications>Other gnome-other Done MartinSourada (applications-other)
System>Preferences gnome-settings Done MartinSourada (preferences-desktop)
System>Preferences>Personal user-info Done MartinSourada (preferences-desktop-personal)
System>Preferences>Look And Feel preferences-desktop Done MartinSourada (preferences-desktop)
System>Preferences>Hardware preferences-desktop-peripherals Done MartinSourada (preferences-desktop-peripherals)
System>Preferences>System preferences-system Done MartinSourada (preferences-system)
System>Administration redhat-system_settings Done MartinSourada (preferences-system)
Application icons
Archive Manager file-roller TODO
Character Map gucharmap In progress LuyaTshimbalanga Based on keyboard icon
Dictionary gnome-dictionary TODO
Screenshot applets-screenshooter TODO
Configuration Editor gconf-editor TODO
Bluetooth File Sharing blueradio-48 Done LuyaTshimbalanga Published on EchoDevelopment wiki page
File Manager file-manager TODO
Keyring Manager stock_keyring TODO
Software Updater pup In progress LuyaTshimbalanga Can we use the already created Echo software update icon?
Add/Remove Software pirut In progress LuyaTshimbalanga
About Me user-info TODO
Input Method im-chooser In progress LuyaTshimbalanga Based on keyboard icon
Keyboard Accessibility gnome-settings-accessibility-keyboard in progress LuyaTshimbalanga Will be keyboard icon variant
Keyboard Shortcuts gnome-settings-keybindings In progress LuyaTshimbalanga will be derived from keyboard icon
Preferred Applications gnome-settings-default TODO
Volume Control gnome-mixer TODO Consider using audio-card icon
Desktop Effects desktop-effects TODO
Font gnome-settings-font TODO
Menus & Toolbars gnome-settings-ui-behaviour TODO
Theme gnome-settings-theme In progress LuyaTshimbalanga Attempt to use masks for them
Windows gnome-window-manager TODO
Bluetooth Preferences stock_bluetooth DONE LuyaTshimbalanga Available on Artwork/EchoDevelopment wiki
Network Proxy stock_proxy TODO
Personal File Sharing apacheconf TODO
Remote Desktop gnome-remote-desktop TODO
Keyboard gnome-dev-keyboard Done LuyaTshimbalanga Available on Artwork/EchoDevelopment wiki
PalmOS Devices gnome-palm DONE LuyaTshimbalanga Available on my personal wiki. Renamed as preferences-desktop-pda
Screen Resolution display-capplet TODO
Sound gnome-mixer TODO Consider using audio-card icon
Power Management gpm-power-charged TODO gpm-ups-charged suits that category
Sessions session-properties TODO
Main Menu Editor alacarte TODO LuyaTshimbalanga
Shut down gnome-shutdown In Progress LuyaTshimbalanga available draft