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Print Design Service


Are you a Fedora Ambassadors or member of the marketing team, and need a quick poster or banner for an event you're helping organize? Do you need other collateral such as CD/DVD labels, sticker designs, t-shirt designs, or some illustrations to help make your event or campaign a success?

Basically, if you need any print desing work relating to Fedora, drop a request here!

How to use the service

For users

Add a new entry in the ""Request list"" below, specify the type of graphic you need and any details (e.g., date/time/place for an event poster), and contact info (email and irc are good) so an artist/designer can get in contact with you if there's any information they need to create the design.

Watch the page to see when is taken/completed. If it doesn't seem like anyone is picking it up, forward your request to

For Fedora Art contributors

When you start working on a new design change the status to reflect is taken. When ready, change the status to 'closed'. If any artwork or design you come up with might be generally useful for others, post it here so we can save it as a resource.

Request list

Wiki Username Request Designer Status
jmbuser Fedora Sparkling Water label none yet none yet
raagu( Fedora 8 & 9 CD/ DVD label various Those labels are made as part of the release process, the media labels for F8 are already in the wiki , the design for F9 will be created until we settle on the release theme theme, watch the MediaArt page.
MahayAlamKhan Small sticker for Bangladesh Release Party none yet none yet