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[edit] Accessing the Web

Fedora uses Mozilla Firefox by default to access the World Wide Web (Web). Firefox is a multi platform, standards-compliant Web browser.

Features of Mozilla Firefox include:

  • Tabbed Browsing: Separate tabs for each Webpage are provided, all within one Firefox window.
  • Extensions and Plugins: Various extensions and plugins are available that support new features, such as search fields directly in the toolbar.
  • Small and Fast: By focusing on providing an extendable Web browser, Firefox is smaller and faster than other browers

[edit] Starting Firefox

You can start Firefox by selecting Applications > Internet > Firefox Web Browser or by using the menu panel icon:

Docs DesktopUserGuide Web firefoxicon.png

[edit] Going Further

Firefox has support for different plugins that extend its capabilities. This framework allows anyone to create extensions and plugins.

You can find more information on Firefox at:


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