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Fedora Administration Guide Contributors and Module Assignments

Each module needs another contributor from this page or elsewhere in Fedora to perform edits. Technical edit should be a subject matter expert, to a limited degree. Wordsmith edit can be one or a few editors.

Contributor Modules Technical Editor Wordsmith Editor
None Introduction None DONE ZacharyHamed
None Directory Structure DimitriosTypaldos DONE ZacharyHamed
VladimirKosovac User Accounts None ZacharyHamed
MurrayMcAllister Permissions None ZacharyHamed
VladimirKosovac Access Control Lists None None
VladimirKosovac Managing Storage None ZacharyHamed
None Working With Disks None None
MohamedImran Managing Software None ZacharyHamed
MohamedImran Managing Services None None
MohamedImran Modifying Startup Scripts None None
None Cups Printing None None
None Modifying Xwindow System None None
None Monitoring System None ZacharyHamed
VladimirKosovac Scheduling Tasks None None
Servers Modules Technical Editor Wordsmith Editor
GiorgiShonia Mail Server None None
None Web Server None None
MikeDittmeier FTP Server None None
MikeDittmeier Network File System/NFS Server None None
VladimirKosovac Samba Server None None
MurrayMcAllister DNS/BIND Name Server None None
None IPTables Firewall None None