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Editor Assignments

This is the list of documents currently being maintained by the Fedora Documentation Project. Each document listing links to the entry for that document in Bugzilla .

Those listed as Published have been published online. Those listed as In CVS have not yet been published, although they are in CVS. Some documents in progress are Not in CVS, although they are being tracked within Bugzilla.

The names of the current authors and editors are listed underneath the title of the document. The names of individuals link to their page on this Wiki or the SelfIntroduction that they sent to the mailing list.

All documents should have an editor before they are imported into the Fedora Documentation Project CVS.

Potentially useful documents that are not yet being developed are listed on DocsProject/DocIdeas.


  • In Bugzilla :
  • Bug 129807 is the master list of documents in progress.
  • Bug 129722 is the master list of documents ready for publication on the Website.
Documents marked as UNLISTED are not listed on either of these bugs.


Authors: PaulWFrields , TammyFox - Editor: KarstenWade

Authors: KarstenWade - Editor: UNASSIGNED

  • Fedora Documentation Project Quick Start Guide - (UNLISTED). Note: deprecated, moving to be part of Documentation Guide. Located in CVS in /cvs/fedora/wev/html/participate/documentation-quick-start.

Author: PaulWFrields - Editor: KarstenWade

  • Keeping Up to Date - DEPRECATED.
  • Jargon Buster
  • SELinux FAQ for FC2 - Published (UNLISTED). Note: not in CVS or Bugzilla. (this is a CVS branch, details forthcoming)

Author: KarstenWade - Editor: UNASSIGNED

Author: KarstenWade - Editor: UNASSIGNED

Author: KarstenWade - Editor: UNASSIGNED

  • Stateless Linux - Published

Author: ColinWalters - Editor: KarstenWade

  • Udev in Fedora - Published. Note: not in CVS.


Author: PaulWFrields - Editor: KarstenWade

Author: Thomas Jones - Editor: UNASSIGNED

  • System Hardening Tutorial - (UNLISTED). Note: the bug dependency is there, it just doesn't have a comment on the tracker itself.

Author: Charles Heselton - Editor: PaulWFrields

  • Packager's Handbook - Maintained by Extras Project
  • Translation Guide - Maintained by Translation Project
  • Translating Fedora on Microsoft Windows - Maintained by Translation Project

Not In CVS

These may not have any active authors or maintainers.

Author: GavinHenry - Editor: UNASSIGNED

NOTE: should be part of Documentation Guide See also

Author: KarstenWade - Editor: UNASSIGNED

Author: Ron Goulard, GavinHenry - Editor: UNASSIGNED

Author: Dashamir Hoxha - Editor: TammyFox

  • Kernel Compilation Tutorial - Not in CVS (UNLISTED). Note: the bug dependency is there, it just doesn't have a comment on the tracker itself.

Author: Kevin Hobbs - Editor: PaulWFrields