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Docs Translation statistics

This page is deprecated and could be deleted soon. Translation statistics for Docs can be found at the translation project website, at You can either choose a Docs module to see the translations, or navigate to a release (fedora-X and various) and view the statistics for a particular language.

Command-line method

Alternatively, you may use make postat in each Docs module to get some statistics for its translations. For more information, see Paul's message on -docs-list . Output is clipped from the normal "msgfmt --stat" command to look like one of the following, where TT is translated, FF is fuzzy, and UU is untranslated:

xx: TT/
xx: TT/UU/
xx: TT/FF/UU 

The following script checks the current status of all modules using a fresh checkout, and cleans up after itself. Output goes to stdout by default.


MYID=<code>uuidgen</code> || MYID="postat-tmpdir"

mkdir -p $MYDIR && pushd $MYDIR >/dev/null


cvs -Qd $ACCT co docs-common
for i in \
about-fedora \
homepage \
readme \
readme-burning-isos \
readme-live-image \
cvs -Qd $ACCT co ${{Template:Note}}-devel-dir && ( pushd ${{Template:Note}} >/dev/null ; echo "=== $i ===" ; make postat ; echo ; popd >/dev/null )

popd >/dev/null
[ "$1" != "-t" ]  && rm -rf $MYDIR