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Fedora Documentation Steering Committee (FDSCo) Member Nominations

This is the nomination page for FDSCo elections .

This nominations page is closed. Elections are running 14 to 24 December 2007.
Vote here starting 14 Dec.

Bart Couvreur (couf & derivatives)

Goal statement

  • Being a bridge between the docs team and the guys
  • Giving contributors the chance to do what they want to do and creating the opportunities to do so

Past Work Summary

Almost 2 years being involved in the docs project leads to this:

  • Having a good understanding of almost all processes within the docs project and the Fedora project
  • One of the initiators of the L10N and docs integration or synergy (whatever you prefer)
  • Trying to lead the AG effort
  • Coordinated F6 DUG release with JohnBabich
  • And a lot of other stuff

Future Work

  • Get the AG out of the door
  • Making our docs site (docs.fp.o) yet better
  • Researching the we-have-wanted-this-for-so-long knowledge base
  • Concentrate on the project structures and processes to make them easier to understand

Jared Smith (jsmith)

Up until this point, I haven't contributed directly to the Fedora Documentation Project... mostly just lurked on the IRC channel. Should I be elected, I'll step up to the plate and help out.

Goal Statement

I care passionately about documentation. I understand that it's difficult to get new people to help write documentation, so my goal is to get our documentation infrastructure to a point where it makes it very easy for new contributors to get started.

Past Work Summary

None of my past documentation work has been directly related to Fedora documentation, but I'm one of the authors of Asterisk: The Future of Telephony (O'Reilly Media). It was written in DocBook, so I'd like to think I have some experience in that arena. I've also worked on some DocBook infrastructure for my current employer.

I've also worked in community relations and training, so I feel I'm a strong communicator.

Future Work

The things I plan on working on include:

  • Adding more detail to the current set of documentation
  • Working on the docs infrastructure
  • Push for the much-talked-about Plone system (or something similar)
  • Generally hanging out in IRC and helping as needed

John Babich (jmbabich)

View my wiki page here: JohnBabich

My IRC nick is jmbuser.

Goal Statement

I am trying to promote Fedora Linux by

  • contributing high-quality writing to the Fedora documentation project
  • advancing the effort to write, edit and publish FOSS docs the FOSS way
  • advocating the use of open source and open standards throughout the ICT community
  • serving as a resource (AKA "doing grunt work") for the entire Fedora Project team

Past Work Summary

In the 16 months since I joined the Docs Project, I

  • led the publication of the Fedora Core 6 Desktop User Guide
  • promoted the Fedora Project, especially docs, i18n and l10n, at GITEX 2007
  • wikified the Live CD Readme to make it more accessible
  • explored innovative approaches to improve Fedora docs and FOSS docs in general
  • volunteered to be the Fedora Weekly News beat writer covering the documentation project
  • performed random acts of kindness on the wiki
  • mastered the obscure art of indentation in a MoinMoin wiki

Future Plans

As part of the FDSCo team, I plan to

  • continue to improve the overall quality of the Fedora documentation and publication processes
  • publish the Fedora 8 Desktop User Guide with the able assistance of our contributors
  • welcome new contributors to the FDP team
  • maintain the reputation of Fedora via quality docs and articles, hosted on a quality wiki and web site
  • encourage more cooperation across the FOSS community regarding documentation
  • neither dangle participles nor split infinitives

Marc Wiriadisastra (mwiriadi/strikeforce)

I have several locations where I have contributed. MarcWiriadisastra is just one area that you can find info about me.

Goal Statement

I am trying to promote Fedora Linux by

  • looking for new docs that will help users use Fedora
  • advancing the effort to write, edit and publish FOSS docs (like John)
  • helping to create FOSS docs that will help an "average" user to get up and running
  • promoting the docs project as a way for users to make a significant contribution without programming knowledge
  • promote high quality document creation where the Fedora Docs Project becomes the standard in documentation

Past Work Summary

I have been involved for 3 months in the docs project. My contributions so far have been:

  • Helping with the selinux-faq doc
  • Fixing some web pages on the transition from F7 -> F8
  • Start working on the Desktop User Guide

Docs and locations I have contributed to previously:

  • Fedora Solved is an external site that has fedora documents but may contain ways to install proprietary software.
  • Fedora Guide is an external site that is a general guide with limited information but mainly guides people to install software that may be questionable.

Future Work

  • I still plan to contribute to Fedora Solved and Fedora Guide.
  • Look at ways to improve the number of contributors to the docs project
  • Help improve the necessary docs that need to be updated such as the DuG
  • Try to look for ways that other areas can contribute to the overall improvement of documents produced
  • Look at building bridges between the projects to streamline processes

Vladimir Kosovac (vnk)

My wiki page is VladimirKosovac.

Goal Statement

I want to help Fedora Project achieve the status of the best Linux distribution with the best technical and end-user documentation. I want to look at the various ways of attracting new contributors to the Documentation Project and push really hard for the completion of the Administration Guide before Fedora 9 is released.

Past Work Summary

I have been involved with the Docs Project for the past year, mostly as a writer of the several sections of the Administration Guide draft.

Future Work

  • Help with the effort to make joining the project easy process for new contributors
  • Help to add consistency to already produced documentation
  • Write, write, write