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'''Table of Contents'''
'''Table of Contents'''
1. [[/IntroductionToStyle| Introduction to Style]]  
# [[/IntroductionToStyle|Introduction to Style]]  
1. [[/GeneralGuidelines| General Guidelines]]  
# [[/GeneralGuidelines|General Guidelines]]  
1. [[/ContentAndRendering| Content and Rendering]]  
# [[/ContentAndRendering|Content and Rendering]]  
1. [[/DatesAndTimes| Dates and Times]]  
# [[/DatesAndTimes|Dates and Times]]  
1. [[/FedoraSpecific| Fedora-Specific Conventions]]  
# [[/FedoraSpecific|Fedora-Specific Conventions]]  
1. [[/CommonMistakes| Common Mistakes]]  
# [[/CommonMistakes|Common Mistakes]]  
1. [[/QuickReference| Quick Reference]]  
# [[/QuickReference|Quick Reference]]  
1. [[/Resources| Resources]]  
# [[/Resources|Resources]]  

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Fedora Documentation Style Guide

Documentation Summary:

Purpose: Defining specific style guidelines for use in Fedora Documentation

Audience: Fedora Documentation and Fedora Website writers and editors

Assumptions: The reader must be familiar with the English language, including the basic language syntax.

Related Documents: The Documentation Guide outlines the standard practices of the Fedora Documentation Project.

Lead Writer: PatrickBarnes

The Fedora Documentation Project produces documentation of the highest possible quality. To attain this goal, FDP documents must follow a consistent, readable style. The Fedora Documentation Style Guide provides uniform guidelines for specific elements of Fedora Documentation. The Fedora Project uses American English (en_US) as its language of business, and recommends dictionaries published by Merriam-Webster for spelling reference.

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Style
  2. General Guidelines
  3. Content and Rendering
  4. Dates and Times
  5. Fedora-Specific Conventions
  6. Common Mistakes
  7. Quick Reference
  8. Resources