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Fedora Contributor Wiki


This space is primarily used as a collaboration tool for our contributor community — developers, packagers, designers, writers, translators, quality assurance, and so on.


Looking for documentation?

Try This includes an overview of the Fedora Project, as well as Release Notes, our Installation Guide, and more.

You might also like Fedora Magazine, featuring often-updated articles of interest to Fedora users from beginner to expert, from Raspberry Pi to the desktop to servers to cloud.


Looking for help?

Try, our community-driven question-and-answer site.


Looking to contribute?

Check out, which will guide you to different areas where you can help, and to the people who can help you get started.


Want to get Fedora?

Visit to download our USB installation media creator tool, get ISO images to burn directly, or click to launch Fedora Atomic Host in Amazon EC2.

This Wiki

Wikis can be many things — encyclopedias, workspaces, whiteboards, and more. While many great docs sites are built from wikis, we've discovered that mixing all of those things together really causes chaos. So, we've decided to separate out documentation to its own site and keep the wiki as a contributor workspace.

If you're a Fedora user, you're welcome to browse around — see the subprojects list on the left for some places to start.

Note that you'll need a Fedora account and to be in at least one Fedora subproject group to make wiki edits.