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Weekly EPEL Summary

Week 37/2007

Most important happenings

  • push scripts improved (see below)

EPEL SIG Meeting


  • dgilmore (DennisGilmore)
  • knurd (ThorstenLeemhuis)
  • mmcgrath (MikeMcGrath)
  • Jeff_S (Jeff Sheltren)
  • nirik (KevinFenzi)
  • stahnma (MichaelStahnke)
  • f13 (Jesse Keating)
  • warren (Warren Togami)


  • pushing
  • dglimore, nirik and mschwendt further improved and simplified pushing directly to stable and moving a package from testing to stable; thx guys, especially mschwendt!
  • nirik will test them
  • repo layout

was to have directories for each release (e.g. have 5.0 as main repo now and a symlink from 5 pointing to it; when 5.1 ships run "cp -al 5.0 5.1" and adjust the "5" link to point to 5.1 instead; some weeks or months later remove the 5.0 dir to save the space; 5.0 btw would not be maintained anymore, we just leave it around for some weeks/months). This would allow people still on EL5.0 (for example those using derivates that do not ship 5.1 some weeks after RH does) to use EPEL5.0 without running into dependency issues that might arise when a package from EPEL5.1 depends on something from EL5.1;

  • seems lots of people forgot about that plan never realized it full effects; do we still want that stuff? or in a modified way maybe?
  • RHEL 5.1
  • will likely be out soon; we don't know exactly when; thus the estimated EPEL testing -> stable move that is pushed in parallel will likely be a week (or two?) after EL 5.1 is out
  • do more on the list and less in the meetings; "Power to the people with no delay." aka "Steering Committee's are slow and old style" -- all

  • some discussion how to exactly do this; more discussions to follow the list
  • RH relations
  • warren: BTW, I inserted this rule into RH's processes for adding a new package to RHEL.

Something like "Check EPEL to be sure your new package is newer"

  • Free discussion around EPEL

  • sticking with the alternate meeting time? we try another two or three weeks and decide afterwards

Full Log



Number of EPEL Contributors 6

We welcome 6 new contributors: candyz joshuadf lkundrak ondrejj salimma sundaram


Number of source packages: 655

Number of binary packages: 1261

There are 18 new Packages:

  • abcde | A Better CD Encoder
  • aspell-sk | Slovak dictionaries for Aspell
  • cd-discid | Utility to get CDDB discid information
  • cvs2cl | Generate ChangeLogs from CVS working copies
  • dbench | Filesystem load benchmarking tool
  • directfb | Graphics abstraction library for the Linux Framebuffer Device
  • gcin | Input method for Traditional Chinese
  • gtk-qt-engine | A project allowing GTK to use Qt widget styles.
  • isync | Tool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes
  • kasablanca | Graphical FTP client
  • lyx | WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) document processor
  • mach | Make a chroot
  • python-GnuPGInterface | A Python module to interface with GnuPG
  • pyzor | Pyzor collaborative spam filtering system
  • rubygem-rake | Ruby based make-like utility
  • rubygems | The Ruby standard for packaging ruby libraries
  • svn2cl | Create a ChangeLog from a Subversion log
  • tomcat-native | Tomcat native library


Number of source packages: 418

Number of binary packages: 850

There are 3 new Packages:

  • isync | Tool to synchronize IMAP4 and Maildir mailboxes
  • python-GnuPGInterface | A Python module to interface with GnuPG
  • pyzor | Pyzor collaborative spam filtering system