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= EPEL SIG Tasks =
= EPEL SIG Tasks =

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This page describes all open tasks that are on the todo-list of the EPEL special interest group (SIG) as well as the schedule for the next EPEL SIG meeting on IRC .

Feel free to add easy task to the list of miscellaneous easy tasks or just mail the epel-devel list. If the task if more complicated please instead create a separate tracking page by using one of the existing pages as a template; that separate tracking page should list some background and goals around the task as well as its current status. If you need help contact the epel-devel list.

All small and big tasks should have at least one owner assigned who is responsible for driving a task. He should make sure the tracking page is up2date and make sure things are moving and get realized in time -- without owners it often happens that tasks linger around without process.

If you want to help getting a task finished get in contact with the owners -- they are often glad if someone helps them as the owners often have lots of other tasks to work on in the Fedora Project as well.


  1. Prepare for EL-6 builds
  2. solve incompatible upgrades problem
  3. Regular running of broken deps list

Next Meeting

Template for meeting start

This template is used during the meeting start by the meeting chair to open the meeting; feel free to add your nick to the list of nicks in the "meeting ping"

#startmeeting EPEL (YYYY-MM-DD)
#meetingname epel
#topic init process / agenda
gather agenda

Here is the topic list -- it's used in the weekly EPEL SIG's meeting and thus contain some formatting stuff for setting the Channel topics and related things.

Topics for this weeks meeting

/topic EPEL SIG Meeting | Status Reports | Revive them?
/topic EPEL SIG Meeting | Package Reports: Orphans in EPEL?
/topic EPEL SIG Meeting | Standing Issues: | all
/topic EPEL SIG Meeting | Free discussion around EPEL

Template for meeting end

/me will close the meeting in n
-- MARK -- Meeting end