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Next steps
<rowspan=2> Miscellaneous EPEL/Tasks/Misc,, from="^ EPEL/Tasks/Misc,, from="^ EPEL/Tasks/Misc,, from="^ EPEL/Tasks/Misc,, from="^ EPEL/Tasks/Misc,, from="^
EPEL/Tasks/Misc,, from="^


Miscellaneous small tasks



Completion Level


Target Date


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Next steps

  • find someone to replace knurd's seat in the steering committee;
  • Xavier Lamien (SmootherFrOgZ) self-nominated
  • Andy Gospodarek self-nominated
  • new meeting time?
  • Status Reports:
  • Current build system (any plague problems?)
  • Next gen build system (any work on Koji patch?)
  • Package pushes (EL-4 1st of month, EL-5 15th of month)
  • RHEL Meta Data
  • Packaging Issues:
  • RT-3
  • Zenoss
  • mediawiki request from infrastructure
  • any orphans? [how to auto-report this]
  • what is waiting on branches/maintainers?
  • do we need a epel-announce-list (or both a epel-announce-list and a epel-package-announce-list)
  • Marketing
  • Logo [no takers.. time to wing it.]
  • Website changes [ do the pages reflect current policy, etc?]
  • Standing Issues:
  • EPEL taskforce for EL-4.7/5.2/EL-6: Who, what, when
  • reminder: do more on the list and less in the meetings; "Power to the people with no delay." aka "make Steering Committee nearly unimportant"


This page lists miscellaneous small and easy tasks to make sure they are not forgotten. Feel free to add stuff here -- best place is likely the "Next steps" section, as anything that's written there is integrated on the task fron page.

Note: if the task needs more then a sentence and a link to a mail on the list to understand it please consider creating a proper task page for it.