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This page is outdated and is only retained for historical reference
Fedora Core and Fedora Extras repository has been merged since the Fedora 7 release.

Why would a package be in Core or Extras?

Fedora Core is intended to be a general purpose operating system that can, among others, support the following use cases:

  • an internet-attached server
  • a knowledge-worker desktop
  • a development workstation

Fedora Extras is intended to be a maximal set of Open Source software for use with Core.

What are the guidelines for applications in Fedora Core?

These are not hard and fast guidelines, however, these are some of the things considered:

  • Does it offer a distinct set of functionality?
  • If it has a UI, is it localized, does it support accessibility, and does it support localized input?

Traditionally, this is done by being written in a modern toolkit, such as GTK+.

  • Does it properly support Unicode?
  • Is it architected in a secure and sound manner?
  • Does it integrate well with the rest of Fedora Core?

What sort of things are more appropriate for Fedora Extras?

These are not hard and fast guidelines as well. However, the following things are unlikely to be seriously considered for Core, and, as such, are better suited to Extras:

  • Duplications of already-existing Core functionality, even if some new functionality is added
  • Games
  • Hardware-specific tuning widgets