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If you would like to be a speaker at FUDCon Berlin 2009 and/or LinuxTag 2009, please add yourself to this page. You talk should be related to Fedora or

You may sign up for multiple talks. A final schedule is not yet known, nor do we know how many talks we will have room for. Signing up for a talk here does not guarantee that you will end up with a confirmed session.

Name (and link to wiki page) Title English or German Abstract
Yaakov Nemoy Fedora-Devshell (will rename this when i have a catchier name) Both? Fedora Devshell is a tool that can script and automate many steps that go into package development. By the time LinuxTag rolls around, there should be plenty of features for many kinds of packages. Come find out how to use Fedora Devshell for your own work.
Paul W. Frields Fedora Forward! English (except for an embarrassing but thankfully brief introductory mangling of the lovely German tongue) This talk is a follow up to the one given at LinuxTag 2008, covering our successes and failures since then, why we're proud of both, and a look at what's next.
Fabian Affolter Fedora 11 German New features, Changes, and so on focused on Fedora 11
Jeroen van Meeuwen Remixing Fedora English Creating custom Fedora Remixes
Fabian Affolter &
Gerold Kassube
Joining Fedora German/(English) Walk-through to get the first steps done in the Joining Fedora process
Fabian Affolter, but Christoph Wickert could run it smoother (if he will attend) RPM packaging German/(English) Become a Fedora Packager
Infrastructure Track
Jeroen van Meeuwen (Anyone else?) Cobbler/Koan English System Provisioning throughout your organization, with the click of a button! No more dragging CD sets around the office. No more 200 kickstart/preseed/autoyast files to edit! Why walk to the computer if you can remotely provision the box?
Jeroen van Meeuwen (Anyone else?) Puppet/Augeas English Configuration Management FTW! From Service dependencies on managed configuration files, to multi-stage environments, load-balancing, HA, and clustering your favorite puppeteer. Write once, apply many many many times.
Jeroen van Meeuwen (Anyone else?) Func/Symbolic English Funky! Tired of for-ssh/scp loops? Func will help you create the arbitrary remote execution framework that you've been looking for. Still too much command-line? Symbolic let's you click and drap-and-drop.