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If you would like to be a speaker at FUDCon Berlin 2009 and/or LinuxTag 2009, please add yourself to this page. You talk should be related to Fedora or

You may sign up for multiple talks. A final schedule is not yet known, nor do we know how many talks we will have room for. Signing up for a talk here does not guarantee that you will end up with a confirmed session.

Note that this is for pre-scheduled talks as part of the LinuxTag/FUDCon overlap. This is not the BarCamp signup.

Name (and link to wiki page) Title English or German Abstract
Yaakov Nemoy Fedora-Devshell (will rename this when i have a catchier name) Both? Fedora Devshell is a tool that can script and automate many steps that go into package development. By the time LinuxTag rolls around, there should be plenty of features for many kinds of packages. Come find out how to use Fedora Devshell for your own work.
Paul W. Frields Fedora Forward! English (except for an embarrassing but thankfully brief introductory mangling of the lovely German tongue) This talk is a follow up to the one given at LinuxTag 2008, covering our successes and failures since then, why we're proud of both, and a look at what's next.
Fabian Affolter Fedora 11 German New features, Changes, and so on focused on Fedora 11
Jeroen van Meeuwen Remixing Fedora English Creating custom Fedora Remixes
Fabian Affolter &
Gerold Kassube
Joining Fedora German/(English) Walk-through to get the first steps done in the Joining Fedora process
Fabian Affolter, &
Christoph Wickert
RPM packaging German/(English) Become a Fedora Packager
Greg DeKoenigsberg Education, Innovation, and Free Software English Providing free educational materials to every child in the world is a challenging, but achievable, goal. There are many parallel efforts in free software communities to write educational software -- but the key to success is aligning this work with the goals of teachers. We will discuss the necessary framework that will glue teachers and developers together, and help to ensure that the efforts of free software developers to help children are not in vain.
Dimitris Glezos Shipping a Localized Desktop to 7 out of 10 Fedora Users: How do we do it? English Localization: The process where translators, developers, documenters, release engineers and webmasters need to by in sync. How can your package be translated with Transifex and make it to our users in one piece?
Thorsten Leemhuis RPM Fusion overview English - what is RPM Fusion, what does it offer, how does it work
- why is the work from RPM Fusion important for Fedora
- how Fedora contributors can help to make RPM Fusion (and thus the Fedora landscape as a whole) better
- goals for the near term future
Phil Knirsch Power Management English Power Management is becoming more important these days with the energy prices rising, financial crises etc. And with modern machines power consumption has really gone through the roof. We'll shed some light on what used to be in Linux, what the current status is and where we're heading.
Peter Vrabec openscap English The OpenSCAP Project was created to provide an open-source framework to the community which enables integration with the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) suite of standards and capabilities. It is the goal of OpenSCAP to provide a simple, easy to use set of interfaces to serve as the framework for community use of SCAP. What is SCAP? It is a line of standards managed by NIST with the goal of providing a standard language for the expression of Computer Network Defense related information.
Florian Festi What's happening in RPM development? English What changes have been done to RPM? What changes are planned? What does that mean to you as a package maintainer?
John W. Linville What's up with Linux wireless? English What developments are happening to make Linux (and especially Fedora) work better on wireless LANs?
Robert M. Albrecht Small Fedora German / English Fedora on small and embedded systems: build routers, firewalls, nas, appliances etc. with Fedora.
Harald Hoyer Fedora Boot Time English Status, Analysis, Improvements, Future Directions of the 20 Seconds Boot Feature. What is taking so long? What can I do to reduce boot time? What should developers take care of?
Yaakov Nemoy Practical Git Both? Git is not $YOUR_FAVOURITE_SCM for all values of YOUR_FAVOURITE_SCM that != Git. Rather, there are many ways to do things with git, including some very advanced tricks very easily. There are also many perceived 'flaws' with Git. This presentation will cover how to use Git correctly, what those flaws really mean, and a bit about how Git internally manages data.
JoshBressers and other members of the Red Hat Security Response Team Handling Security Issues in Open Source software English Getting security flaws fixed in Open Source software can be tricky and plain hard to do sometimes. This session will give researchers an idea of how to cooperate with the community, and interested users an idea of what goes into those security updates they keep having to install.
Infrastructure Track
Jeroen van Meeuwen Robert Lazzurs Jasper Capel Cobbler/Koan English System Provisioning throughout your organization, with the click of a button! No more dragging CD sets around the office. No more 200 kickstart/preseed/autoyast files to edit! Why walk to the computer if you can remotely provision the box?
Jeroen van Meeuwen (Anyone else?) Puppet/Augeas English Configuration Management FTW! From Service dependencies on managed configuration files, to multi-stage environments, load-balancing, HA, and clustering your favorite puppeteer. Write once, apply many many many times.
Jeroen van Meeuwen and FrancescoCrippa (Anyone else?) Func/Symbolic English Funky! Tired of for-ssh/scp loops? Func will help you create the arbitrary remote execution framework that you've been looking for. Still too much command-line? Symbolic let's you click and drap-and-drop.