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* [[Image:FUDCon_FUDCon2_FUDCon2MarcelHoltmann.pdf]] Bluetooth, Marcel Holtman]  
* [[Image:FUDCon_FUDCon2_FUDCon2MarcelHoltmann.pdf]] Bluetooth, Marcel Holtman]  
* [ Ashwood University  Accreditation]
* [ Rochville University Accreditation]
* [ Adison High School Accreditation]
* [ Corllins University Accreditation]
* [ Woodfield University Accreditation]
* [ Woodfield University]

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FUDCon II @ LinuxTag, Karlsruhe

FUDCon 2, the second gathering of Fedora Users and Developers, was held at LinuxTag, on the 24th and 25th of June in Karlsruhe, Germany. FUDCon 2 featured presentations from prominent members of the Fedora Project, both from Red Hat and from the Fedora community.

File:FUDCon FUDCon2 DVTalks.png

Thanks to all who attended and participated, ensuring FUDCon's continued success.

FUDCon 2 Presentation Materials

File:FUDCon FUDCon2 DinnerAfter.png