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How to get from Vienna to Brno ?

The trip from Vienna airport to Brno takes 2.5-3 hours approximately.

By bus

Student agency-logo.gif

Student Agency travels several times a day between Vienna and Brno. The ticket from the airport costs 310 CZK (~12.70 EUR), or 16 EUR if you pay in euros. Timetable can be found here. SA operates big yellow buses which depart from the arrivals terminal at Vienna airport, across NH hotel and next to the taxis. The buses arrive at Grand Hotel Brno. For more information try info (at)

Other companies that travel from Vienna to Brno are:

  • Tourbus - 200 CZK, less luxury, a bit slower, arrives at UAN Zvonarka
  • Eurolines - no direct connections to the airport

For the way to Brno, you have to buy from OBB (Austrian railways), for about EUR 26.

For the opposite direction, you can get tickets from Czech railways for EUR 9.

Because of that, it might be a good idea to visit Vienna during your journay back from FUDCon.

By train

Vienna -> Brno

OBB operates an e-shop at

For international travel, you should click on the Euro flag and go to

Type in "Flughafen Wien" (that is Vienna Airport), "Brno", select a date, do not select any return date, select Credit card type, and "Suchen". Then select one of the offered times of departure. After a while, you should become a proud holder of an electronic ticket.

Brno -> Vienna

Czech railways offer the ticket from Brno to Wien Südbahnhof for EUR 9. (They also offer return ticket for EUR 18, but it cannot be used in direction Vienna->Brno unless it has the stamp proving that it has been used in the direction Brno->Vienna.)

And no, I have no idea how far is Wien Südbahnhof from the centre or the airport, consult the map.

To get the EUR 9 ticket, you have to buy it at least 3 days in advance in their Czech-speaking e-shop using this manual.