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Discussion Ideas

Please feel free to add your ideas under the this section. Please mention your name with the idea as well, then it is easy to identify who owns the idea. eg: APAC Plans for 2012 (Suresh)
  • How to improve APAC ambassadors meeting quality (tuanta)
  1. increasing the number of attendees
  2. keeping the duration in time manner (e.g. one hour)
  3. better and more focused discussions
  4. making decisions (which can not do well on the mailing list)
  5. etc.
  • How to improve the quality of community activities and contributions in APAC
  1. organizing events
    1. KageSenshi will be running FADs and CampusCamps regularly.
  2. getting more contributors
  3. e.g. APAC Plans for 2012 from Suresh
  4. etc.
  • How to get better involvement of APAC in FAmSCo and the whole Fedora community
  1. now we have 2 APAC ambassadors in FAmSCo but there are not many effective activities
  • Discuss to get a model in place to enable more of APAC to get swag/media for events
  1. It would be nice if we can find a solution around all the taxes etc., and make more stuff available to Ambassadors.

Discussion Plan

  • We should have a face to face discussion in a separated session during the FUDCon KL 2012.
  • Duration: about 1-2 hours (should be in the same time as regular APAC meeting 4:00 UTC on Saturday).
  • It should be in BoF style.
  • Tools: Etherpad (we can use for a start. create a team there and go - Harish)
  • IRC channel: #fedora-apac on
  • We should have final decision and put each into a report/wiki to follow up.