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The current Complex Font Template leaves an unexpanded macro in SRPMS. There's several proposed fixes.

Move the macro

 %_font_pkg -n <FAMILY> -f %{fontconf}-<FAMILY>.conf <NAME>*.ttf

Currently is right after the %description which is what causes issues. Moving it after the %clean section matches with the Simple Fonts Template, is where the expansion of the macro would normally live, and fixes the problem.

Use it conditionally

%{?_font_pkg: %_font_pkg -n <FAMILY> -f %{fontconf}-<FAMILY>.conf <NAME>*.ttf}

Would also keep it from showing up in the SRPM. However, reviewers would need to be familiar with font packaging to be able to tell that this macro isn't expected to show up in the %description.

Fix the tools

As suggested by Panu