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Linksys NC100 Network Everywhere Fast Ethernet 10/100 (rev 11)

Just works


01:0a.0 SCSI storage controller: Adaptec AHA-2940U/UW/D / AIC-7881U

Just works Installer installs to it just fine as well


Dazzle (bought at Radio Shack) Hi Speed USB 2.0 card reader

The top slot works, bottom slot I haven't tried. Installer hangs when it is plugged in. I'll get what the hardware detects it as next time I plug it in.


Sony DW-D22A-B2 dvd+/-R burner

Haven't tried dvd+r dvd-r only burns at 4x, fast enough - but drive says it is capable of 8x

Toshiba 52X DVD-ROM Just works, bootable - I think the 52X is only for CD, not sure if it really reaches that.


HP DeskJet 841C (via USB) Just works

HP LaserWriter 4 (via JetDirect) Just works once configured in cups

TI BlackLink serial connect cable

Requires non fedora library and software, then works some of the time - has trouble with data integrity (does not under windows)

TI USB SilverLink Cable

Requires non fedora library and software, creation of device nodes in / etc/udev/devices - and disabling of depricated kernel driver. Then it works but only for the root user.


Hope that helps.


USB2IRDA Bridge: SigmaTel, Inc. STIr4200 IrDA Bridge, stir4200.ko.
Works fine (autodetected) with Sony Ericsson T300 (Whole phonebook/single record transfer, images, midi, sound - ircp + patch).
Now, where do we put these two?
Dec 23 10:43:20 shadow kernel: usb 4-1: new full speed USB device using address 6
Dec 23 10:43:20 shadow kernel: NET: Registered protocol family 23
Dec 23 10:43:20 shadow kernel: SigmaTel STIr4200 IRDA/USB found at address 6, Vendor: 66f, Product: 4200
Dec 23 10:43:20 shadow kernel: IrDA: Registered SigmaTel device irda0
Dec 23 10:43:20 shadow kernel: usbcore: registered new driver stir4200
Dec 23 10:43:20 shadow kernel: SigmaTel support registered
Bus 004 Device 006: ID 066f:4200 SigmaTel, Inc. STIr4200 IrDA Bridge