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This page is woefully out of date
Everything described here harks back to FC7 days and is retained here for historical purposes only.

Hypervisor Development

This page is a repository of information relating to Hypervisor Development in Fedora.

Links & Resources



Task Ownership Legend

  • jm - JamesMorris
  • hx - HerbertXu
  • sct - StephenTweedie
  • sr - StevenRostedt

Add yourself to the above if you wish to participate. Once you select a task to work on, add your initials (in bold) next to it below. To add a new item, discuss it first on the fedora-xen mailing list then update this page.

Current Items (FC7)

  • Security audit [hx]
  • Network performance [hx]
  • Analyze & document Credit Scheduler, identify issues and potential improvements [sr]
  • lhype [jm]

Future Items

  • Enforce binary interface versioning for HV & VMs
  • SMP scalablility ^1^
  • Investigate re-writing timer code using latest Linux kernel ideas (sr ?)
  • XSM (jm ?)
  • Investigate NAPI-like mitigation within the HV
  • May need to add HV heap ballooning
  • NUMA functionality (upstream ?)
  • ia64
  • ppc64
  • big pages (upstream work)
  • MSI (upstream work)
  • PM (upstream work)
  • Virtualized block I/O ^2^
  • Migration from 32 to 64-bit host (investigate some time, probably very difficult)
  • PAE > 16GB  ?
  • Xen Share ?

^1^ Andrew Theurer from IBM presented a paper at OLS on a number of SMP scalability issues. The big ones were writeable pagetables (with his tests it appears to be slower than emulation even on UP); page table lock contention and global counter when writing to CR3.

^2^ sct: Initially, just the normal virtual disk front/back-end pair. For FC5, and certainly for RHEL-5, ideally we'd like to have something that looks like a real SCSI block device. ie. that supports proper SCSI ID inquiries from domU etc.