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The problem

The current EPEL wiki pages are crufty and need to be reworked. There's pages that have too much info (the FAQ is tldr), it's hard for end users to find things. There are a bunch of old out of date pages, like the ones talking about EPEL being a project or Weekly reports or other many years old pages.

Here's a plan:

main Landing page / EPEL

The main landing page needs to have the following on it.

The idea being that it's the page that end users hit, so it should be setup for info they need with links to other info.

  • What is EPEL
  • How to use it (local to page). Link to epel-release packages and link to repoview of existing repos.
  • Mention of epel lists (announce / package announce / end user lists)
  • History/Philosophy (small blurb with -> History/Philosophy )
  • How to join (small blurb with -> Joining_EPEL page)
  • Contact us (pointer to irc channel and epel-devel list and bugzilla), -> EPEL_SIG page

History/Philosophy / History_and_philosophy_of_EPEL

  • Should explain history of how EPEL came to be and list some of the folks who have been involved.
  • Should explain how we try not to replace RHEL packages, how we don't do incompatible upgrades in releases, etc.
  • Should explain the rules for what we do or don't replace, etc.

How to Join / Joining_EPEL

  • Tester/QA person -> EPEL_QA
  • Package_maintainer -> EPEL_Packagemaintainer
  • Marketing -> EPEL_Marketing


  • Testing packages in bodhi/karma
  • Setting up broken dep reports
  • Checking for packages that are in both EPEL/RHEL.
  • Pointers to Fedora QA/Testing


  • What to do if you are already a Fedora package Maintainer
  • What to do if you are not already a Fedora package Maintainer
  • EPEL Specific guidelines/policies -> EPEL_guidelines
  • EPEL Package wish list -> EPEL_package_wishlist

EPEL Packaging guidelines and policies / EPEL_guidelines

  • Packaging guidelines specific to EPEL Toshio will start work on this when he does this FPC Ticket
  • Time in testing policies
  • When and who can branch for epel.
  • Other stuff from the FAQ that pertains.

EPEL Marketing / EPEL_marketing

  • How to help with marketing.
  • press releases/announcements.
  • Drumming up more maintainers/ISV's.

EPEL SIG information / EPEL_SIG

  • Way to show you are in the SIG (Category:EPEL_SIG_MEMBER or something)
  • Meeting times
  • Schedule of items for next meeting / ideas container.
  • Pointer to all our mailing lists (epel-devel, epel-announce, epel-package-announce)
  • Pointer to meeting logs / old meeting reports ?

Outstanding questions

  • Any other types of tasks we should add to the join page?
  • There are 419 pages with *EPEL* in the title. Most of them are old meeting reports. Where should those go?
  • Does the above give a place for all the questions in the current (very long) FAQ?
  • What to do with old/historical pages? Steeringcomittee/Reports/etc
  • Should we archive/delete old pages? Rename them / link them somewhere else ? (ie, EPEL_Historical or something).
  • Are there any popular pages I missed? We should check web stats and see what pages are most popular.

Current EPEL pages