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Important Packages that requires to be rebuilt after software translation period


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FLP Responsible Package Name Package Owner PackageDb URL
Noriko system-config-display ajax
anaconda anaconda-maint, clumens
sos astokes
rhpxl clumens
firstboot clumens
python-meh clumens
system-config-kickstart clumens
pykickstart clumens
desktop-backgrounds davidz
policycoreutils dwalsh
setroubleshoot dwalsh
system-config-network harald
system-config-boot harald
readahead harald
ABRT jmoskovc
system-config-cluster jparsons
system-config-bind jreznik
system-config-netboot jreznik
Runa comps katzj
system-config-rootpassword lkundrak
system-config-keyboard lkundrak
system-config-lvm marx
setuptool mhlavink
system-config-audit mitr
usermode mitr
libuser mitr
smolt mmcgrath
kexec-tools nhorman
chkconfig notting
initscripts notting
hwbrowser nphilipp
system-config-nfs nphilipp
system-config-users nphilipp
system-config-date nphilipp
system-config-samba nphilipp
system-config-services nphilipp
multimedia-menus oget
Ankit desktop-effects otaylor
system-config-httpd pknirsch
system-config-language pravins
system-config-kdump rrakus
redhat-menus rstrode
im-chooser tagoh
switchdesk than
system-switch-mail than
authconfig tmraz
system-config-printer twaugh
system-config-firewall twoerner