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Meeting of 2005-07-14

Let's hope all this made sense...

Matthew Miller
Craig Anderson
Matt Frye
Karsten Wade
Alex Maier
Elliot 'sopwith' Lee
Jeremy Hogan

* how do we explain fedora? I.e. facilitating explanation. Greg
"Fedora is a series of projects.  The central project is Fedora Core,
which is a leading Linux distribution, sponsored by Red Hat and
supported by the community."

* Who maintains copy about Fedora at Distrowatch?

* How do we come up with a (release) name for Fedora Core 5

* How do we incent contributors to less sexy projects like Bug Team?

* Logos - hats, periodic tables, puppy. Bob-Laptop has decided to create
a page for Fedora logos (this is step 1).
Step 2 - solicit more ideas
Step 3 - Cull the best ideas, and get RH creative review/refinement

Greg will take us thru Step 3, community marketers to push till Step 2

* Swag/goodies - we want to make sure people making small contributions
get recognised. Budget is miserable, but there's a supply of caps
(~200), t-shirts (~500) and RH Bumper Stickers (~tonne :P) at RDU. We
don't want levels of contributors, as it discourages folk. All
contributors are equal.

* Swag distribution is a problem. Matt Frye to do this (failing which
Colin will do it). Jeremy Hogan talks about a fulfillment site. Both
Hogan and MattF to work together

* How else can we allow contributors to be rewarded? Mention in release
notes, easter eggs in the OS, aliases (action:
colin/seth), recognition in RH Magazine (Karsten Wade and Matt Frye are
going to try and get 2-3 interviews of Fedora contributors in each issue
of RHM - ACTION: write mail to Tammy Fox, cc'ing greg and colin),
sending a personal letter of thanks, about:my_name_here in Firefox (ask
Chris Aillon about this), possibility of mention in the *RHEL Release

* FUDCon 3 in London - hats off to Alex Maier. Do we want a new naming
scheme? Like FUDCon <City> <Year> (i.e. FUDCon London 2005). Will
coincide with LWE in London (no weekends, save on budget). LWE UK will
support FUDCon 3 with in-kind donations (go Alex!); Alex to work on
FUDCon London 2005 page on the wiki. We need to get speakers next.