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Meeting of 2005-09-08


BobJensen (StillBob)

ChristopherAillon (caillon)

GregDeKoenigsberg (gregdek)

KarstenWade (quaid)

PatrickBarnes (nman64)

RahulSundaram (mether)


  • Mentors - Marc has sent out emails, only Rahul has replied so far. fedora-mentors-list created. Greg waiting for address from Marc to hand over admin.
  • SOP for Publicizing Events - Rahul to send report to list. Doc to be a list of links and addresses for reporting to start. More to come later.
  • Fedora CMCs - Greg has created a list and will hand admin to Colin. We need to recruit CMCs.
<gregdek> Any thoughts there?
<mether>  well probably can get a list of users in the fedora list who proactively help other users
<mether>  and invite them to participate
<gregdek> Good idea.
<gregdek> So.  Time to push bytee into leading very active recruitment for CMCs.   :)

We should get in touch with Fedora-based distros and ask them to collaborate.

ACTION: Rahul to comb distrowatch and contact non-commercial Fedora-based distros. Commercial distros to come later.

  • Logo - Still waiting.
  • Fedora Marketing Kits - Not ready to build yet, but follow discussion on thread from Alex.
  • Legacy in Anaconda - Not going to be enabled. Legacy section in release notes?
  • Vendor List - Add to discussion next week.
<mether>  how about getting a list of people who are doing different things with fedora
<StillBob>        such as?
<mether>  selling fedora cds, customising it
<mether>  "supporting" it in one way or other
<gregdek> Just so long as someone *owns* this kind of list and *maintains* it.
<gregdek> This kind of info doesn't update itself, and quickly gets stale.
  • f.r.c - Needs cleanup, removal of stale material.

ACTION: Bob to start fixing up f.r.c and create mockup for to be prettied up and made primary site. Need to get some sort of access from Seth Vidal for maintenance.