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Fedora Press Releases

When we draft a press release, we publish it here. Feel free to use the press releases to spread the word.

If you feel so inclined, then translate a release and post it on this page.

Date Topic Language
April 30, 2008 LinuxTag Berlin (incl. FUDCon & F9) announcement
File:Marketing PressReleases 20080430 LinuxTag FUDCon F9.pdf
May 22, 2007 FUDCon Berlin Release
File:Marketing PressReleases 2007FUDConBerlin.pdf
September 1, 2005 FUDCon London Release
File:Marketing PressReleases 2005FUDCon3.pdf
April 15, 2005 FUDCon Karlsruhe Release
File:Marketing PressReleases 2005FUDCon2.pdf

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