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Fedora Banners and Buttons

  • Stop (medium size).png These banners and buttons are created by members of the Fedora community to help spread Fedora on the Internet through other websites.
  • Warning.png Please note these are not Official Artwork from Fedora Project.
  • To join Fedora Art Project, please refer to
  • For information on Fedora logo usage guidelines, please refer to

Note that Fedora supports best practices on the Internet, and discourages the use of these banners in pop-up advertising or "nag screens". Please use them tastefully. Use of the Fedora logo is subject to the Trademark Guidelines .



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DNA theme - 468x60

The look of the FC6 "DNA"


Banner proposals from FC5 era.

Bubbles theme

It uses the "Bubbles" theme introduced in FC5


Infinite Freedom

This follows the creative process which led to the creation of the "infinite freedom' logo


Aim of the banners below:

Our life is made by open things, from the beginning to death, our emotions, and everything in between is made to be known, and Fedora is a part of this system. It isn't like many commercial software, that have a closed source, but is available to everybody: it's simple and at the same time powerful, for professional use and for newbies.

This is the concept that I've used to make some banners for anyone that wants to promote Fedora and the Open Source community.








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